Know AML

The world’s first global AML awareness initiative.

What is Know AML?

Know AML is the world’s first global AML awareness initiative, that aims to provide Patients, Carers & Families and Healthcare Professionals with the information, resources and support they need to deal with AML.

Know AML has established a global network of advocates, who ensure that the AML community has access to the latest information and resources to provide the best possible support and care for patients with AML and their families.

Know AML formalized AML World Awareness Day for the 21 April each year and will continue to campaign annually, together with our members and the community, to raise awareness of AML and the support available.

Our Mission

The mission of Know AML is to drive awareness of AML globally through community collaborations, while continuing to raise awareness of the resources and support currently available.

Know AML aspires to facilitate and improve AML knowledge worldwide and develop community-based initiatives to overcome current and future challenges.

Community driven

Know AML was initiated on the 2 December 2016 in San Diego, CA during the American Society of Hematology (ASH) 58th annual meeting.

During ASH, a collective of AML patient leaders, professional representatives and industry supporters gathered to formalize how to mark AML World Awareness Day 2017. Their aim was to raise awareness and education in AML to Patients, Carers & Families, Healthcare Professionals and the General Public.

Outputs from this meeting resulted in the creation of Know AML, the world’s first global AML awareness initiative supporting AML World Awareness Day on the 21 April.

Know AML is steered by a multidisciplinary group, who provide creditable guidance and support across the development of support and educational materials.

AML World Awareness Day
21 April

There are many ways in which you can help raise the awareness of AML on the 21st of April

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